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Louis Thibodeaux, M.D.


Appointments: 937-386-3451 Dr. Thibodeaux provides General and Vascular Surgery and Advanced Wound Care Specialty services in the Out Patient Specialty Clinic and Surgery Department. Dr. Thibodeaux has been part of the ACRMC Medical Staff and provided patient care services at ACRMC since 2009. Dr. Thibodeaux offers General and Vascular Surgery along with Advanced Wound Care services in the Out Patient Speciality Clinic. Dr. Thibodeaux received his medical degree from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. He completed his residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. He has been part of the ACRMC Medical Staff since 2009. Dr. Thibodeaux is conducting a CMS approved chronic wound study at ACRMC. Chronic wounds have become a significant contributor to soaring medical costs and morbidity for patients and society. Advancing age, increased incidence of obesity, and the resultant rise in the percentage of the population with diabetes and chronic venous insufficiency has contributed to the escalation in the number of chronic wounds. A wound or ulcer is characterized as chronic if it has failed to progress through the healing process and establish functional integrity in a period of 1-3 months. All wound types have the potential to become chronic, but underlying factors such as venous insufficiency, diabetes or unrelieved pressure may contribute to poor wound healing. Current estimates indicate that in the United States alone, 3-6 million patients will develop a chronic wound during their lifetime, and 98% of these wounds will be due to vascular or diabetic related conditions. This study will compare the healing rate of chronic wounds that undergo treatment with the topical application of a concentrated platelet growth factor rich plasma therapy directly on the wound site. This therapy will be derived from autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP), an emerging surgical and wound care treatment. This study aims to demonstrate that patients with chronic non-healing wounds treated with autologous PRP and standard wound care will have improved wound healing rates as compared to patients receiving standard wound care only. This innovative method hopefully will allow us to rapidly and safely produce and deliver an autologous wound therapy that will shorten the time of healing of most chronic wounds. This study will enroll patients presenting with chronic non-healing diabetic, venous or pressure wounds to assess the effectiveness of autologous PRP treatment compared to standard wound care over a period of twenty weeks. There will no cost to the patients who are eligible to participate in either arm of the clinical trial.


1. General & Vascular Surgery 2. Hemodialysis Access Surgery 3. Advanced Wound Care


1. Certified by the American Board of Surgery 2. Diplomate of the American Board of Wound Medicine & Surgery 3. Wound Care Certified

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