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Volunteers are a vital part of Adams County Regional Medical Center. That’s why ACRMC offers opportunities for service that will accommodate the schedules of working adults, students and retirees. Some of our volunteers work directly with patients, while others provide invaluable assistance in support areas or with special projects   We have three volunteer groups that support the hospital’s commitment to superior and compassionate medical care.  

·        Auxiliary        Phone number:  937-386-3002    

                              email: hkhoop@acrmc.com    

Members provide support to patients, visitors and staff, from the nursing units to the Welcome Center, as well as the ACRMC Auxiliary Gift Shop. See Auxiliary below to learn more about becoming an Auxiliary member. 

·        Chaplains (Pastoral Services)     

         Phone number:  937-386-3590 (Social Services)


Our Chaplain Program provides specialized training to ministers and lay ministers, who provide spiritual care to patients, families and hospital staff.  See Chaplains below to lear more about our Chaplaincy Program.

·        Student Volunteen     Phone number:  937-386-3001  

                                        email:  slmeade@acrmc.com    

Student Volunteens (high school students) provide support to patients, visitors and staff.. The minimum age requirement is 14 years old.  See Volunteens below to learn more about becoming a Student Volunteen  


ACRMC Auxiliaryvolunteers provide multiple services throughout the hospital.  They provide coverage of the welcome desk, greeting and providing directions to patients and visitors.  They assist many departments and are always willing to help.  In addition they operate the Auxiliary Gift Shop.  Proceeds from the Gift Shop are used to assist the hospital in purchasing equipment and sponsoring the annual Auxiliary Scholarships.  For more information, please call the number above or email hkhoop@acrmc.com.  

Download Volunteer Packet below.

Chaplains (Pastoral Services):

Pastoral Services at the hospital directs and enhances the spiritual care of patients, families and hospital staff.  The mission is based on the Judeo-Christian faith and is designed to promote the healing process as part of a united effort with other professionals in the health care field. 

Pastoral Services is part of our Volunteer Program and offers the following to patients, families and hospital staff:

·        Pastoral care

·        Worship and sacraments

·        Notification of their congregation at patient’s request

·        Religious literature, Bibles and devotional guides

·        Assistance with living wills and durable power of

         attorney (work with Social Services)

·        End-of-life decision-making

·        Prayer requests located in the chapel

The chaplains are ministers or lay ministers who are qualified through our chaplaincy training program to offer spiritual care to all people in the Hospital.  Their sensitivity to individual beliefs and knowledge of different religious practices enable these chaplains to meet people at the point of their need. A chaplain is assigned a rotation to make visits on a daily basis.  A chaplain is on call 24 hours a day.   A hospital representative can assist you in reaching a chaplain at any time.

Chaplains address spiritual concerns and will accommodate your religious preferences as well as:

·        Comforts, counsels, cares

·        Helps, hopes, honors

·        Assists, acknowledges, advocates

·        Prays, praises, pastors

·        Listens, laments, laughs

·        Accepts, acts, advises

·        Invites, interprets, instructs

·        Notices needs, nurtures

·        Service to all


Adams County Regional Medical Center would like to invite you to participate in an exciting program called Volunteens.


The Volunteen Program is open to all students, 14-18 years of age, who have completed 8th grade, and currently have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.  Students  have the opportunity to contribute to their community with service hours and receive a valuable learning experience in the process.            

We, at Adams County Regional Medical Center, would like to encourage any student interested in the health care field or community service.  Students will have the chance to volunteer in many different areas within the hospital.            

The healthcare field is one of the fastest growing careers in the next decade and we feel this opportunity will benefit both the students and ACRMC.  


1.      Male or female, ages 14-18 (must have completed 8th grade).

2.      Must maintain a minimum 2.o grade point average.

3.      Must be physically able to carry out assigned duties.

4.      Parent/legal guardian written consent.  


1.      Obtain a Volunteen packet from Adams County Regional Medical Center Student Services or download the Volunteen Application Packet below.

2.      Complete application and obtain and include the following documents: 

    a)     Copy of current school transcript 

    b)     Signed agreement/ permission slip 

    c)     Two letters of reference

3.       Return application and above documentation to the ACRMC Volunteen Coordiantor, Justin McGowan.   

Upon receipt of your completed application and after references have been contacted, you will be scheduled for an interview with Student Services.

Download Volunteen Application Packet below  

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