Ethics Committee:

The Ethics Committee is comprised of Hospital staff, including physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains as well as other members of the community who are available to help patients, families, doctors, and other healthcare providers when they face difficult ethical decisions.   This committee was developed to provide support for patients, families, medical staff and employees when dealing with healthcare decisions such as pain management, tube feedings, advance directives, or end of life decisions.   It is our recommendation that patients and families attempt to resolve problems related to their care with those involved in their care, while using all available resources in the hospital.  Oftentimes, a meeting between patient, family members and healthcare providers can help those involved come to an agreement about healthcare.   

Ethics Consult:  

If the patient, family and/or healthcare team are unable to agree on a decision about healthcare, members of the Ethics Committee are available to provide assistance.  An Ethics Consult may be requested when there is uncertainty or disagreement about healthcare decisions.   Every attempt is made to involve key members of the healthcare team along with the patient and family during an Ethics Consult.  Members of the Ethics Committee provide a safe, supportive, confidential forum in which patients and families can consider different points of view and options while working toward a decision about healthcare.    After discussing the ethical issues and options, the Ethics Committee will make a recommendation regarding healthcare.  This recommendation is non-binding and the patient has the final decision regarding his or her care.  

The Ethics Committee may be contacted by calling Administration at 937-386-3001, Social Services at 937-386-3590, the Clinical Supervisor at 937-386-3510 or 937-386-3511 or any member our health care team.  

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