About Us

Mission Statement

Adams County Regional Medical Center leads the way in the delivery of a widening range of quality health care services and continued support to our patients, families and community.

Vision Statement

Adams County Regional Medical Center is recognized as the regional leader of state-of-the-art health care services for patients, families and community.

Goals / Key Values

  • Hometown Feeling – Our friendly, family-oriented staff understands there is no substitute for a caring approach in providing accessible healthcare, and through collaboration, communication and integration, we work as trusted partners with the community to ensure an appropriate environment for healing.
  • Customer satisfaction- We place the needs of the patient first, exceeding customer expectations by empowering staff to deal with situations so the patient is the most important person every time, every encounter.
  • Collaboration – We partner with numerous community organizations, healthcare providers and leaders to enhance quality of life.
  • Dedicated Attitude-We are committed, responsible individuals, showing initiative, follow through, pride, volunteering, involvement in all aspects of work and its appreciation, multitasking and a sense of belonging while seeking personal and hospital-wide best.
  • Strive to be the Best – We maintain professionalism through continuing education, staying competent, maintaining values and ethics and accepting no less while working as a team to seek constant achievements allowing us to show our pride and know the rewards of total success.
  • Compassionate – We desire to attend to, provide for, protect and meet our customer’s needs with genuine, non-judgmental concern.
  • Loyalty – We make a commitment to work together for the people outside and within our organization by being faithful, lawful, sincere, moral, trustworthy, fair and honest in a confidential manner.
  • Affordability – We provide the highest quality care at reasonable prices with payment terms to fit the patient’s ability to pay in a timely manner.

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